"May you touch dragonflies & stars, dance with fairies and talk to the moon.  May you grow up with love & gracious hearts & people who care.  Welcome to the world little one, It's been waiting for you!"

What are my newborn session options?

~ When should I book my newborn session?

The best time to photograph a newborn is between five and fourteen days of age, with five to seven days being the optimal time.  From approximately the second week, babies begin to sleep a little less and love to stretch those tiny arms and legs making it difficult to achieve the sleepy, curled up look we have come to love in contemporary newborn portraits.  It is best to contact us in advance of your due date to discuss details and then contact us just after baby arrives to schedule the session.  Of course we will still photograph your little one after fourteen days, we just want clients to know that our expectations must be be different than they are during the earliest days.  Still adorable, just different!

~ What should I expect?

All newborn sessions take place at our Salisbury studio.  The most important and most controllable factor in a great session is the quality and direction of light.  We can control the light in our studio and therefore ensure the quality of the session, so we do not travel to clients' homes where light is unpredictable.   We use soft studio lighting and never flash photography on our newborns, and we keep the room at about 78 degrees to keep your undressed baby comfortable.  Plan your own wardrobe accordingly because it will be hot!  I develop a unique plan for each newborn session after chatting with the parents about what is important to them and what accessories they may want to use to make the session more personal. 

~ How long will my session take and what is included?

We offer two newborn session options.  Each includes digital image files and a print release (see session details).  Both include a password protected online gallery for viewing, sharing and ordering of prints, canvas and other items to showcase your investment.  Sharing the link and password to your gallery with friends and relatives will allow them to view the images and place orders for prints and other items to be delivered directly to any U.S. address.  The basic pricing noted below includes the session fee and digital files as outlined.  The majority of clients place orders of $250 to $500 in prints, announcements, wall art and photo books directly from our website (although there is no obligation to do so).  

    A Newborn Mini Session is a basic session lasting forty five minutes to one hour, depending on pace of session and number of images achieved.  It consists of bare skin posing or wrap posing on our beanbag and one prop setup of the photographer's choice.  We will also capture the tiny details such as hands and feet.  Please feed and change baby just prior to the session and bring the little one in a zip up sleeper or other clothing that is quick and easy to remove.  This basic session includes only natural, organic posing and does not include poses requiring "composite editing" as it requires additional editing time and expertise.  The cost is $175.00.  Twenty edited, color corrected digital files and a print release are included as a download.  Prints and other items may be ordered at additional cost.  

   A Full Newborn Session is a more relaxed ninety minute to two hour session that moves at baby's pace.  Even if we need time for a feeding and a diaper change we still have plenty of time for bare skin and or wrapped posing on the bean bag as well as posing in or on a few of our props.  We can incorporate items our clients bring from home making the session very personal.  This session also includes composite images which are created by seamlessly combining multiple images into one final portrait using digital editing software.  Who doesn't love a chubby face resting peacefully on tiny perfectly folded hands?  These images are safely achieved using "composite editing".  This takes additional time and a bit of computer editing magic.  Our full newborn session galleries can consist of up to 100 images or more depending on baby's mood and setup complexity of the poses achieved.  The complete session gallery of images are delivered on a custom flash drive.  The cost is $250.

    Please feed and change baby just prior to the session and bring the little one in a zip up sleeper or other clothing that is quick and easy to remove.  We will photograph newborns as they present themselves, making every effort to show them at their best. Occasionally they are fussy or otherwise unable to be posed and have the look that their parents envisioned.  In these cases we will proceed with the session employing an arsenal of tactics to work around the issue as much as possible. In a full newborn session we have time for a few feedings and diaper changes, and this can make a big difference.  In any case, fees for the session are still due in full for the session booked as noncompliance issues are outside the photographer's control.